Town Hall Meeting Handout

On Monday, October 19 The Board of Directors hosted another Town Hall Meeting in regards to the Westwood 2020 plan. The following handout was given to all those in attendance.

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Phase I:

After much thought, consideration and member feedback, the Board of Directors has decided to divide Westwood 2020 into three separate phases, each with a separate capital raise. Phase I would include what the Board has determined to be our highest priorities. Projects include improvements to both the interior and exterior of the Club. Phase I includes:


  • Building a restroom next to the pool bar
  • Retrofitting LED lighting for tennis courts 3 – 6
  • Installing new LED lighting for tennis courts 7 – 10


  • Renovating our kids’ club facility, expanding into the current Tack Room
  • Upgrading our current Youth Room (adjacent to the entrance)
  • Renovating the squash mezzanine into a multipurpose room, which could also be used as banquet space

The total cost of phase I is $700,000 (rounded). Below is the member impact by broad member category and their requisite capital investment. Fundraising for this project will have a maximum two-year time frame; then it will be done. Payment options include a monthly, lump sum or multi-payment plan.

Member Category                     Monthly over 2 years                       Monthly over 1 year                        50/50 Payment Plan                     Lump Sum*

Family Membership                                $35                                                 $70                                      $420 (2 payments)                          $840*
Single Membership                                $25                                                 $50                                       $300 (2 payments)                          $600*
Social or Life Capital                              $25                                                 $50                                      $300 (2 payments)                          $600*

*Members electing to pay the Lump Sum option will receive a Westwood Gift Card as an incentive bonus. Family memberships will receive a $100 gift card; Single memberships will receive a $75 gift card.

When will Phase I happen?
Phase I will go before the Board for a vote in November. If approved, the capital investment will likely start at the first of the year in January. Projects included in Phase I would then be scheduled based upon fundraising variables (how many members opt for each payment method) as well as seasonality – i.e. outdoor projects to be
completed during times that are optimal for our outdoor seasons.

Why were these projects selected for Phase I?
All projects included in Westwood 2020 were done so out of demand, either through continuous over capacity, wear of the facility and/or repeated member feedback. All
projects proposed within Westwood 2020 will significantly improve the amenities of
Westwood, enhancing the overall vitality and financial stability of our Club. Projects included in the Phase I of Westwood 2020 were done so for several reasons. They include:

Exterior Projects:

  • Pool bar restroom: A restroom located on the pool bar side has been a request of the membership since the pool bar was built, more than 30 years ago. We are currently taking initial steps to pursue this project.
  • Court lighting: Another long-standing request, more outdoor court lighting has been a desire of our court members for many years. As lighting technology has improved, we would now be able to install proper lighting on our courts that would not impact our neighbors – one of the obstacles that has prevented us from expanding our outdoor lighting in the past. Also with technological improvements, comes upgrading our current lighting to LED fixtures for far better light output.

Interior Projects:

  • Upgrading our youth facilities overall
  • Our Club has continued to evolve over the years, and with that significant changes to our demographic member population have emerged. To service our current members and remain competitive in the market, it is important that we are cognizant of these changes when examining our Club.
  • 54% of our current member population joined Westwood since 2008. The overall average age of our Club is 52; this has dropped over ten years since 2008. Since 2010, the average age of a new member is 41.
  • Members joining since 2010 have the overall highest utilization rates of any member group.
  • In 2014 (fiscal), we had 6,936 users in our Kids’ Club. In fiscal 2015, we have had more than 10,000. This is an average of more than 30 kids per day.
  • In 2015, our Kids’ Club hit 100% capacity nearly every weekday morning. Three out of five evenings, we are at 100% capacity in the Kids’ Club.
    Youth camp revenue has increased steadily from $9,134 in 2013 to $13,931 in 2015.
  • In 2011, when we last charged regular rates for childcare, we only brought in a total youth revenue of $11,545. In 2015, our youth department brought in a total revenue of $36,711.


Phase II & Phase III

  • Substantial renovation of the pool and outdoor amenities
  • Renovation/reinvention of our restaurant and main bar
  • Addition of a “grab n’ go” space

Projects included in phases II and III are yet to be divided.