We are very excited to announce the first project of phase I is complete!

For decades, quite literally, our members have been asking to add restrooms to this side of the property. In order to make this request a reality, a lot of research and planning was needed. The first step was to configure installing and extending a proper sewer line out to accommodate the restrooms. Working with several contractors, county officials and professionals, we carefully  determined the best placement for the line so not to damage our beautiful courts and to have optimum functionality. The sewer line was then installed in two phases. First, in 2015, we extended a new line from Fitzhugh Avenue to our property. Then this spring we extended that line from the start of the property in between courts 9-10 and 11-13.

Once the proper drainage was installed, our contractors Dominion Construction Partners, could now begin removing this section of the old deck and pour the foundation. After this, framing went up giving everyone a much better idea of the placement and shape of the restrooms. Next, drywall, electrical and plumbing were installed followed by all the finishes.

In a little over a month, despite a lot inclement weather, the project is complete. We now have two, beautiful, ADA accessible, new restrooms adjacent to the pool bar. There is one ladies’ and one men’s restroom for adult use only. The restrooms were designed and built so that they appear part of the original structure. They are both heated and cooled and are available for year-round use. No more running across the back yard!

PB ReSt 007









Pictured Above: Westwood Club President Brian Sommardahl and General Manager Evan Sherwood cut the ribbon opening the new restrooms!

To view a complete album of progress please click here.