The current atmosphere, function and feel of our restaurant and bar does not lend itself to much versatility. We are fortunate to have a diverse group of members, all who use our Club in a different manner, however our current facility does not adequately accommodate our different member needs. Additionally, we frequently receive feedback about the “dated” feel of this area. While cosmetic upgrades have certainly helped a great deal, we continue to have comments such as “airport bar” or “Howard Johnson”.


With a restaurant and bar renovation, we want to upgrade our interior dining, bringing a fresher look and increased function. It is our intention to create spaces that are comfortable under a variety of uses. Whether you are looking for an environment lending itself to family dining, tennis viewing, card playing, professional meetings, a drink with friends or a special occasion, we want to our restaurant and bar to be a place our members want to be.


We also recognize the financial benefits a restaurant renovation presents to the Club. When we upgraded our pool bar in the winter of 2014, we immediately saw the return on our investment that season. By increasing the functionality and improving the ambiance of that area we saw a large increase in member usage resulting in a significant jump in revenue.


Westwood Country Club Pool Bar Revenue Graph




Scheme 3.pdf
Proposed new restaurant and mixed grille/bar


With this proposed layout we have created multiple new dining spaces ready to serve the variety of membership factions we have at Westwood. We have put a lot of thought and research into how our members like to spend their time at Westwood. With that in mind, we wanted to look at how we can take this very large space and create the most functional and beautiful spaces within it.

2015 09 21 Restaurant_Bar Rendering
Artist’s rendering of mixed grille/bar

What we have developed are divided, separate spaces that serve different functions. If you have tennis viewing in mind, a cocktail with friends, or are in the mood for a casual meal, the new mixed grille/bar is the perfect setting for you. Members looking to enjoy a lunch with family and friends or a business dinner will feel right at home in our new restaurant space where family dining is ideal on our revamped center court. For those seeking a private dining experience, our new chef’s table will be the perfect space ready to comfortably seat up to 12 to 14 guests in a more upscale intimate setting. The terrace has also been upgraded with new flooring and furnishings creating more of an outdoor living experience in this space.

Scheme 3.pdf
Mixed grille/bar conceptual












Despite the many physical changes that this new renovation would bring to the club, it would not prohibit our seating capacity or ability to conduct any of our larger events such as our holiday celebrations (Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.). Some concern has been raised over the location of the bar in this rendering and the ability to view courts E,F & G. Our Building Committee will continue to look at the best location of the bar with our design team while bearing in mind the functionality of the space and preference of our membership.


Scheme 3.pdf
Chef’s table and restaurant

While tennis viewing is preferred by much of our membership, we do frequently have members request a more intimate space away from tennis viewing. Here our new    restaurant space will be an ideal location for just this occasion. Our popular center court will also be upgraded and is ideal for tennis viewing or family dining. Changes to this area will also slightly increase capacity for center court.

Center Court 2020
Center court