Phase II Contractor Selected!

Westwood 2020 Phase II is really taking shape! I am pleased to announce we have selected our general contractor, RVA Construction. RVA Construction has a great reputation and proven track record in Richmond. They were responsible for Hermitage Country Club’s pool renovation, as well as several other HCC projects, and completed the library and dormitory renovations at the University of Richmond. Currently, they are working on a major renovation at The Jefferson Hotel.

Regarding the permitting process, the civil and building permits were submitted months ago and the architects and engineers continue to respond to the County’s requests as it circulates through different departments. This process has taken longer than initially anticipated but we hope to have the necessary approvals in the next few weeks and still feel like we are on target for a start date of September 23, 2019. I know many of you are excited (as am I) to break ground and get this long-anticipated project under way!