This section of the project focuses on upgrading our “backyard” to bring our outdoor facilities up to modern standards. The outdoor plan provides more separated spaces for our members, from young children to our adult members, a sport court for mixed recreational use, improved walkways and court viewing, and upgraded outdoor dining.



old pool 003
Old pool

We are one of the ONLY clubs and/or recreation facilities to have not upgraded our pool in recent years. In fact, our pool has remained nearly untouched since installation in the 1960s. Inquiries about any possible “pool renovations” are among the most frequently asked questions by potential members. In order for our Club to remain competitive in the Richmond area, to serve our current members and continue to attract new members, an upgrade to our aquatic facility is a must.


Bear in mind that an average of 87% of our current membership has access to our pool. We can use our existing footprint to better utilize our space and increase capacity. We need to create multiple areas for use by different ages, interests, and groups of members.


The pool portion of the outdoor plan completely relocates the youth pool creating an entirely new area for our younger members. This pool features a new beach entry and fun water features sure to entertain the youngest of little splashers up to to our older children. Plenty of shade structures will be added and new hardscaping will provide for more seating and dining areas.


The deep end will remain in its location with a new diving board and slide. Some earlier plans sought to lessen the depth but member feedback told us otherwise.


A new, multi-functional sport court will be built in the area between the snack shop and the bubble. This sport court will be used for a variety of activities. Whether it’s a group exercise class like Leonard’s famous boot camp, organized play during one our youth camps, paddle tennis, or free play for our members, the new sport court will be enjoyed by many for years to come.



The final portion of this outdoor plan improves the remaining aesthetics and function of our outdoor space. The tennis gazebos will all be converted to composite decking.  We will also install new stone pathways to our outdoor courts as well as new lush landscaping, large shade structures and upgraded hardscapes.